How to Know if My WhatsApp account has been hacked?

WhatsApp messenger is the most popular messaging app of this era. Tons of people use WhatsApp for online conversations. But there will numerous people trying to hack the WhatsApp messenger, so people start to secure their Whatsapp chats.


In this article, I have mentioned the ways to protect your WhatsApp account. So, let’s go straight to the methods.

Methods to Protect WhatsApp

Here are some of the valuable methods and by using these ways one can protect their WhatsApp account.

Step 1: By WhatsApp Web

  • First, scan the QR code from the mobile after that you can access your Whatsapp account on a computer in real-time.
  • What scan For WhatsApp Web helps you to access WhatsApp account on multiple smartphones, you have scanned the QR code from the main WhatsApp account.
  • After that check your Whatsapp Weblog from your main WhatsApp account and if there is any unauthorized device there delete those unauthorized devices from Whatsapp Web.
  • By doing so, one can protect from Whatsapp being hacked.

Steps 2: Extract Messages from My files

  • You have to use App Locker in your WhatsApp and phone, and by using app locker, one can lock any app or phone.
  • Most of the time hacker tries to copy those stored files from My Files so you should always lock your phone.

Step 3: Spy Apps

By using spy apps anyone can easily hack your phone, and WhatsApp so you have to be more aware while using Whatsapp. As WhatsApp is popular but it is also true that hackers are trying to get a weak point every day.

  • You should always check whether there is the unknown app is stored on your phone or not.

Steps to Secure your Whatsapp Account?

  • You need to lock your Whatsapp for more security as Whatsapp does not provide any lock mode; you have to install third-party apps to lock Whatsapp to prevent Whatsapp chats from being hacked.
  • Don’t share your phone with anyone as anyone can install a third party app on your mobile.
  • Always install apps from Google play store and do not install Apps from unauthorized or unknown sources.
  • Don’t use any unknown or public wifi because anyone can easily hack your mobile phone’s data.
  • You should always log out from Whatsapp Web.



Most of the time people are pretty much interested in your life and to sneak into your living and nowadays the most powerful tool they can access through WhatsApp. Hackers need a few seconds of your unlocked phone and WhatsApp Web Barcode so that he/she can see an exact duplicate of your WhatsApp account with all the chat and media.

However, WhatsApp on your phone will work normally, but everything you send or receive will be reflected on the spying device so now by going through this guide I hope you can protect your phone with this hackers.