How to Record Your Computer Screen?

Think, if you had to show someone, “how to” this happens especially when you have a YouTube Channel or a blog or anything on the internet. You will either write an email, or you will take the screenshots of your computer screen or the last option- you would record a video of the screen on your mobile phone. In this case, most of the people would like to record the computer screen.

But did you ever know that you can even record your computer screen with no external equipment and tools?

There are many software available online using which you can simply download your computer screen. When you are recording your screen, you can simply add the typing address into the browser and show all your cursor movements, clicks, and other things, by which people can easily see where to indicate? What information is shown over the screen etc?

Screen Recording

There are options to record your audio as well, in this software. Of course, your computer might be having an inbuilt microphone to record voices, using this you can simply record your voices while recording your computer screen.

How to Record your Desktop Screen?

  • Open your Screen Recording Software

Just choose the software which you will use. As I said, there is en number of software that you can download from the internet to record your screen. This software will help you to record short desktop recordings clips, while some other software may be better for longer and complex works which need to be recorded while working or on the go. However, it is very easy nowadays to record the screens and audio while working on the computer system or the laptop system simultaneously.

  • Choose the record region

Sometimes, it makes sense to record the whole screen, but sometimes there is no need to show the whole screen of your desktop system to your audience or people. So, some of the software helps you to record your screens by choosing the region and by choosing the region you can easily record your computer or laptop screen with no hassles or objections. To choose the screen you just use your cursor and select the particular region to record.

  • Now Record!

After, all these procedures you can simply record the computer or your laptop screen without any struggles. It is very easy as well. Just download the relevant software and operate it to record.


There is much software available in the market, you can just download them for free and use it to record your screen easily with audio recording advantage.