How to Unlock Bootloader Samsung without PC

Are you eager to know how you could unlock the Bootloader on your PC and android device without rooting it? Then you have come to the right place. If the question of why you need to unlock the Bootloader crosses your mind, then the reason is, you need to install custom recoveries on your device. When a custom ROM is installed on your android device, you need to unlock the Bootloader. Without this step, you cannot install the different types of Custom ROMs on the android device.

What is Bootloader?

When you start using a smartphone, the Bootloader starts running, this is basically in form of a code. It runs along with the operating system. It gives the operating system proper directions and thus the device is run systematically.

While you are unlocking the Bootloader it will not void the warranty of your device. So anyway your smartphone will not be vulnerable.  You can root the device with a locked Bootloader but with an unlocked Bootloader is not primarily necessary to root it. But without using a PC it is not as simple a process as it would be with one.

How to Unlock Bootloader Samsung without PC

Unlock Bootloader Samsung without PC

For the Samsung android phone users, unlocking Bootloader allows us to install custom recoveries like TWRP and CWM Flash Custom Tools. So here we are mentioning a few methods of unlocking Bootloader.

  1. The official and straightforward method is mentioned at first. You can root your phone to unlock the Bootloader. For this you need to turn the Developer’s option on, then do the USB debugging and then OEM unlocking.
  2. You can also do the same by using a third-party app. There are such apps like CyanogenMod. This app will install the popular ROM of your choice on your android device. But it will not root your device.
  3. You can use Superboot and fastboot for this process. All the devices are different when it comes to their motherboard. So they need an individualistic bootloader. Thus different procedures and different toolkits are recommended to unlock Bootloader for different brands of smartphones.
  4. This is a detailed procedure. You need ADB& fastboot driver, Terminal emulator, root browser, good quality OTG cable, and one different rooted android device.

At first, you need to download ADB and fastroot driver and install it on your android device. Then install the terminal eliminator. Open a root browser and install the ADB. Insert that on the system folder. Now open the Terminal app that will be the command prompt in the device.

The codes should be typed in the command box

  • Su
  • Mount  -o remount,rw/system
  • Chmod 755 / system / bin / fastboot

After you are done, reboot the device. Then attach the OTG cable to the rooted device and your android phone. Now in the terminal eliminator, you will type “adb reboot bootloader” so the connected device is booted to the FASTBOOT mode.

  • Now click on the menu to see the list of connected “fastboot devices”.
  • Unlock the bootloader by typing fastboot oem unlock

You are done.


After the Bootloader is unlocked, you can relock it again. Or if you choose you can restore the original locked state of your device. But before trying the processes, be sure of knowing the details properly. Also, you may lose the phone’s warranty. The name of the software should be properly known. Also, make sure that the device is having more than 80% charge when you start this process.