How to Install CyanogenMod on Android [Without Rooting]

Today if you buy a new phone it is likely to come pre-loaded with apps you do not want, yet you find out after many futile attempts that you cannot remove them. Some of these apps are critical to the running of your smartphone, some, however, is completely unnecessary.

Install CyanogenMod on Android

How to Install CyanogenMod ROM on Android

There is a way to remove such software and gain more control over your own devices. It is referred to as becoming a super user and gaining root privilege. Be warned that initiating root will immediately render your warranty void. But never fear there are plenty of operating software’s out there that do not rely on predatory practices to sell their product. In fact, these operating systems exist solely to provide a viable alternative to corporate software’s.

If rooting your device gives you pause there is another alternative and that is CyanogenMod. It is customizable, open sourced and user-friendly and above all secure. It offers you greater control in terms of app permissions. It allows you to truly customize your phone and this means fonts, sound, boot animation, icon and entire themes.

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The CyanogenMod allows users to customize every part of the interface. You can actually fine tune the quick bar settings, notification, app drawer, status bar and the navigation bar. In CyanogenMod, you can assign shortcuts to each button consigning them to a particular task.

Install CyanogenMod on your phone

  1. First, you have to allow third-party apps on your phone. Go to the Settings app on your device and then to Security. Locate the Unknown sources If Unknown Sources has already been granted permission, you can skip this step. If not, tap the checkbox and then tap OK to confirm.
  2. On your Android phone type in via the browser. The download should automatically start. Click the downloaded apk to install it on your device.
  3. Open the CyanogenMod app and follow the instructions that appear on your Android phone or tablet to complete the installation process.
  4. When connecting your phone to the PC via the USB cable, CyanogenMod Installer for Windows automatically discerns the make and model your device. It’s smooth sailing after that, the program begins to download the necessary files and transfers them to your phone, which will reboot in recovery mode.
  5. A message will appear in CyanogenMod Installer with asking you to confirm that you want to proceed with the installation. Click on Install to proceed.
  6. Don’t restart your computer or disconnect the USB cable, after you have pressed the “Install” button, CyanogenMod Installer will start to move the necessary files and configure your device.
  7. You have now arrived at a critical juncture in the process you need to unlock the bootloader, in other words, the current operating system manager of your phone. CyanogenMod Installer fills flash a message asking you to use the volume keys to select the “Yes” option and then press the power key to confirm.
  8. After confirming, a message will appear on your phone. It will say “LOCK STATE – unlocked”: it means that the bootloader has been successfully unlocked.
  9. Wait a few minutes for the installation process to complete. On your Android screen, you’ll see the friendly blue CyanogenMod man waving at you – the installation process is now complete.
  10. Wait for the CyanogenMod Installer wizard in Windows to give its okay for disconnecting the phone.
  11. From here on now, your Android device will operate on CyanogenMod. As you can see, you don’t need to root or tinker on your phone with complicated tools.