How to Install Dolphin Browser on your PC


Today the touch screen is all around us, from smart watches to car dashboards to our refrigerators. The touch screen permeates every facet of our life. Yet nowhere is its presence more noticeable than on our smartphones. In today’s world, mobile phones have become synonymous with touch screen phones.

Dohphin browser

Manufacturers are spending hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development to pioneer the next breakthrough in the touch experience. Those unable to make those gigantic leaps in advancement are still willing to settle for incremental progress, improving the touch experience bit by bit. So it should come as no surprise that app designers are themselves vying to improve the touch experience when it comes to their own products.

Dolphin browser is one such product. Developed by MoboTap. It comes with nine preloaded gestures for popular browsing commands. You can draw gestures to load websites. Have an urge to tweet, draw a T on the screen and Twitter appears. Draw F and Facebook comes calling. In a time where convenience takes precedence over everything else, this is a step in the right direction. Not only this, but you can personalize the gestures, making them more in line with your predisposition’s. You can also try Best ad blocker android and Chrome dark theme android.

It also features a speed dial which bookmarks sites you frequent often. Another cool feature is the dolphin sonar where users can use their voice to search, share and surf the web. Another unique feature is the Webzine which lets you read the material in a magazine-style format. You can also save articles offline in order to leaf through them later. Both Android and iOS versions are free without any form of pesky advertising.

Another variant Dolphin zero was launched in 2013 with an emphasis on user privacy. It deletes all traces like downloaded files, cache cookies and browser history after each session thus protecting your privacy from prying eyes. The app was named one of PC magazine’s best free iPhone and iPad apps of 2011. It was also a Pc magazine’s editor’s choice in 2012. It also featured in the CNET 100 in 2011.

After all this, I know you are clamouring to have dolphin browser on your computers as well. Sadly dolphin isn’t made for PCs. Never fear we have a perfect way around this problem. It matters not whether your operating software is Windows 7/8/10 or even XP. You can get dolphin browser for your PC if you want. Here is what you have to do.

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Install Dolphin Browser on your PC

  • Download Bluestacks by going to Bluestacks is by far the most popular Android emulator there is. An Android emulator essentially lets you run Android software on your Pc. It’s a pretty handy thing to have on your computer
  • After bluestacks is installed, sign in to your google play account. So far so good right.
  • Search for dolphin browser and install it.

Dolphin browser for MAC

  • Go to and download Bluestacks.
  • Type in your Gmail address once Bluestacks has finished installing. This will open your play store account.
  • Search for dolphin browser and install it.

Bear in mind that dolphin browser is not tailor made for Pc. It is only through an android emulator that you can run it on your computer. So every time you want to surf the web through Dolphin browser, make sure to do it through an android emulator or it won’t work. Now go swim with the dolphins!

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