Intugame VR apk not working FIX

Intugame VR is a gaming app that allows you to play your PC’s game in the virtual reality mood. This is a communicated between your pc and smartphones to convert your pc gaming experience as stereoscopic 3D.

Intugame VR tracks your head movement and adjusts the direction of the game accordingly. You will need a virtual reality headset. This VR headset connects with your smartphones.

There are many VR headset to choose from but Google Cardboard is a famous one. Intugame supports android 4.0 and above version and iOS 7 and higher version.

Intugame VR apk not working FIX

This is a very innovative and interesting way of enjoying online gaming with real-time 3D experience. But sometimes users face some problems and errors while running the app. These errors are normal problems and happen because of some normal technical issues like using the older version of the app, Pc, and smartphones were not connected with the same Wi-Fi or Windows os is not compatible with.

Here we are going to discuss some common problems and their solutions while using the Intugame VR app.

Intugame VR apk not working FIX

Server Won’t Start –

This is a very common problem users face. Users generally complain that the server has got crashed or is not get a start.

The solution is very easy you only have to configure your system to use updated/Integrated Intel video or graphics card. You can check it by going to the control panel.

Network Not Found –

Sometimes the antivirus or firewall restricts some program and the error said computer is not found in the network.

In this case, you would have to turn off the firewall and antivirus software from your system.

Head-tracking problem –

Sometimes pictures not come in the perfect direction where you want to see them and they go in the opposite direction. This we can call the inverted head tracking problem.

To fix it you need to go to the settings of the Intugame Vr App and disable Watch Youtube 360 Video option.

Black Screen Problem –

It happens when you were not using the updated version of the app. You need to update the desktop app and can also re download it.

Low Frames Per Second ( FPS ) –

To fix this error please make sure below things –

  • Use a stronger router of 5 GHz router.
  • Make sure to disable the Aero function from your operating system.
  • Sometimes the app is not running well on windows 7 or 8. Try is with window 10.


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