ITPro Tv Apk Not Working [Fix]

ITPro tv apk has been already used by many and it is quite a successful app in digital learning. The issues that some of the users have faced, and the solutions of those situations are here.

ITPro Tv Apk

ITPro Tv Apk Problems

The download and deletion of the video on mobile or PC with ITPro tv apk is an issue for some of the beginners. 

After downloading the app on you can download the video of which you have the need, check for the downloading option in the pointing arrow.

How to fix the issues?

You will find the downloaded video on the downloaded section of ITPro tv apk. If you wish to delete the video, just swipe right or left to find the orange icon. By clicking on it, the particular video episode will be deleted.

  • If you want to download the audio files, then you need standard or premium annual subscription and also these audio files needed PC or laptop to get downloaded.
  • If you have the annual subscription then follow the process we are giving. Launch the course on ITPro tv apk and click to download the course. Check the button that says audio only, and then click on start download.
Screenshot Image

Not being able to download the courses

When you are not being able to download the courses, check the below options:

You must have annual membership. If you have monthly membership then you will not be able to download the episodes.

Browser extension

It also can be caused by the browser extension. If you cannot see the “download this course”, then check the same from an incognito window. Open the link on incognito window. If you still do not see the download option then your browser window must be causing the issue.

The original ITPro tv apk is not available in the market as it was replaced by a commercial new version. So if you are using the older version of the app and unable to find some features, and then uninstall the older version. Now go to the playstore to find the newest version of ITPro tv. Now launch the version and login with the credentials of your account.

Upgrade account issue

Sometimes the premium account users complain that they are asked to upgrade their account.

This happens when the subscription is not properly linked within the device. Try to login to through a mobile browser and verify the linking of your device through the account settings – linked device.

  • Check the history of the app to find your device in the cache. If it is showing that your devices is inactive then log into your account and check the account settings of the app. when you will see the notification that a new device has been added, it will ensure that the new version of the app is installed properly.

If the problem persists, then you need to revoke the device and log out from the app. then try to login. If you sign out, you may lose some data.