KeepVid vs Vidmate vs TubeMate: Best Video Downloader

Whenever it is about downloading videos, we all face challenges and struggles in order to download the best and a high-quality video with the best background score and playback for sure.

However, not every time we are able to do so or get the same type of video that we expect it to be. Well, when it is about Android operating system, downloading videos from YouTube, a few video downloading apps that come in their mind is the KeepVid or VidMate or even TubeMate, as they are the trending ones in the market since the past few years.


However, downloading these apps are extremely easy and simple for sure, but users are often confused in choosing the right video downloading the app for downloading and getting all the popular videos directly to their smartphone for sure. However, there are other apps that can simply let you download videos to your smartphone though.

You just have to get these apps and download your favorite YouTube videos from the internet. However, many of them have this confusion of which app should we use for YouTube video downloading. To remove that confusion, here we have compared and mentioned the key pointers for each of the apps.

Best Video Downloader App

Well, you have got three popular and top video downloading apps to choose from, however, picking the best performing one or the best one can be really stressful and you actually have to look for the features that you will get when you are downloading an app though. Let us just do the comparison with these apps for sure that will help you choose the right one though.


When it is about permissions in the apps to enter your device, both the apps ask for permissions, but TubeMate asks for location, gallery, and access to photos, music and files permission in order to download the app within the smartphone. However, KeepVid and VidMate do not ask for any specific permission to get installed on your phone. Hence, when it is about permissions and safety issues you can go ahead with KeepVid and VidMate.


Yes, the next part that we must consider the dashboard or the interface that comes with all these three apps. Of course, some love the beautiful interface, whereas others love the simple and understanding interface that is not difficult to operate and anyone can easily handle though. All these three apps do have an easy to use interface and have got various options and menus to explore when you are actually inside the app. You can also try xapk installer for android and mp3 music downloader apps

Supportive Websites

When it is about the websites that are supportive of these video downloading apps, then you must know that KeepVid has got more of such websites. It has got and it simply supports almost 20 websites and even more than that as compared to other video downloading apps such as VidMate and TubeMate.


You already know that every app requires space to get installed in the smartphone. Hence, when you are actually downloading any of these apps, all you have to do is to know the installation space that this app actually takes up in your phone. As compared to VidMate and KeepVid, TubeMate acquires less space and has got no major space requires to get installed within the phone for sure.


Well, it is now easy to get your favorite app to your phone amongst these three. You can simply just compare the app by trying each of them, maybe you can like some other apps too.