Memsports App not working on android box [Fix]

The sports lovers will always seek options to watch their favourite sports from all over the internet world.  All major US sports channels showcasing NFL, NCAFF, NBA, MLB, NHL or many more which can be viewed by Memsports apk. There are millions of users who have downloaded and loved this app for the sheer performance.

Not only does it offer the sports but all other sports related programmes like news, statistics, scores and even videos from NFL Football, NBA Basketball, NCAA basketball and football, NHL Hockey, or MLB baseball.


All the major sports and matches will be seen through Memsports apk. It will allow you to use a personalized feed where the Favourite football, basketball, hockey or baseball matches will be covered. You will be updated about all the major competition between the renowned leagues as well as forthcoming matches.  There are options for schedule notification which will alert you about the major sports events and trending news story.

Issue and Memsports apk is not working on android box:

Users often try to use android box to run the apk like Memsports apk or some other ones. There are some general problems that they face while using the apk using android box. This is a simple way to turn your television set to a smart TV. When you try to use Memsports apk with this box these problems may arise. You can also use other apps such as oreo app for sports and thoptv and other apps to get channels.

How to FiX?

After installing the apk it may not show on the screen or the black screen may arrive. Or else if you see that the home page is stuck and it is not moving even after you click the remote then there are ways to solve it.

  • The solution is simple. May be Memsports apk is not downloaded and installed properly on your device. You can try to uninstall and reinstall the app and see if it is going properly.

Another reason behind getting stuck at the home page of the app can be poor internet connection.

You should switch off the android box and restart the WiFi. Later you can switch on the android box and open Memsports apk. This time you can find it working flawlessly.

When you find that the other criteria are compatible and yet the apk is not working successfully then check if you are using the latest version of this app. download the latest version after uninstalling the older version of the app and restart your android box.

Also using public WiFi is a risky game. If you are using the public hotspot then there can be chance of virus attack. So you better use a safe network to use the app and android box. If any malware attacks your android box then Memsports apk will not run on your device.