Mobile hotspot Connected but No Internet Connection


It is indispensable for everyone to turn out to be habituated with Mobile phones, internet, scientific progress and upcoming Android devices so that they can use it for various purposes like business, entertainment, education purposes etc. The mobile phones and internet connection is inseparable. Without internet connection, we cannot enjoy the complete usage of Mobile phones.

no interent connection

Everything is properly set and no getting connected with internet even then clicking of mobile hotspot and tethering, it reflects there is some problem with network connection. Automatically you will get window of Troubleshooting problems. If you correctly complete the process, then no problem with internet access.

In a mobile phone if Wi-Fi network connection is turned on, then the mobile hotspot will not get accessed. So first you must make sure of disconnecting Wi-Fi connection and then go for turn on mobile hotspot and tethering. Finally restart your computer and carry out your work without any interruptions of network. You can also try Best iOS emulator for android and Best iOS emulator for windows pc.

No internet Connection-Stressed Out

It is always needed to have clear and strong mobile data and Wi-Fi network connections allow us to search, download, streamline all the applications so effectively. It depends on the network access and speedy connections. If it fails, then the trouble shooting window will make to resolve the problem of bad internet connection.

To resolve it start with rebooting the device, it might be slow due to its poor internet connection.  Even then, if it fails to get access, then click on your Settings app connections or wireless and networks.

Select either Wi-Fi connection or mobile data. If you want mobile hotspot to be turned on, then go for turn-off the Wi-Fi network connection. This process is explained in simple steps.

Do you feel difficulty in not getting connected with internet, even though the mobile hot-spot is turned on. Don’t worry! Just by doing simple steps, you can get rid of this from difficulty.

  1. Select ‘Control Panel’.
  2. Then select ‘Network and Internet’.
  3. Click ‘Network and Sharing’.
  4. Now select ‘Manage Wireless Networks’.
  5. Go for taking away all the wireless links by selecting right click and choose remove network from the menu.
  6. The next process is slam the windows which are opened and restart the computer.
  7. After restarting of the computer, look into Wi-Fi Network connections and turn-off and do mobile data on.
  8. Select all the accessible network nearby and choose connect option.
  9. Enter Password and choose the connect option.
  10. Finally, start the work with strong internet connection.

Just the once you go all the way through all those above mentioned steps, then at any time the gadget is surrounded by the series of that fastidious set of connections, it must get mechanically fix to the connections.

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Hence, In this day and age, the practice of using smart phone, android devices, tablets are escalating to a enormous degree equal to that of usage of personal/desktop computers as well as laptop. Whatever electronic items we are using, it is must to have uninterrupted internet connection either in wi-fi network connection or mobile data hot-spot.

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