MTV Guide pro apk not working [FiX]

MTV guide pro is the Mayfair guide pro. This is a free entertainment app for Android, ios, and other streaming devices.

MTV guide pro allows us to manage, organize, and personalize online movies, tv programs, and shows. It knows the program scheduled that we can get a schedule for the next 7 days.

We can keep our favorite channels in one place to watch them at any time very easily. We also can set notifications for upcoming shows with it.

Mayfair Guide Pro version 3.7 - Jan 2020 - YouTube

This is the pro version of the Mayfair guide that has lots of advanced versions. We can switch between different locations and can watch live channels.

The app is working on android and iPhone devices and also compatible with streaming devices like amazon fire stick.

MTV Guide pro apk Not Working –

This is a very common error user face while using Mtv Guide pro on their android and other streaming devices. Solutions are very simple and the error could be solved just by making some setting correct.

Here we are going to discuss some reasons for the error and solutions for the same.

Not using updated version –

Mayfair guide pro gets updated from time to time and if you are not using that updated version you may have problems while running the app.

After download the apk file, you should ensure that the auto-update option is on. To make it on you need to go app store of your device and find the MTV guide pro app. After clicking on it you will find the auto-update button.

An updated apk file with the latest version is always available in the official site of MTV guide pro. You can re download it from there but before that, you would have to uninstall already installed app.

Device compatibility –

Sometimes the device on which you wish to run the app is not suitable or the os of the device may be the lower version of it.

Like android 4.2 and iPhone 7 is good for the MTV guide pro to run. Please make sure you have a perfect device for the app.

Clear the Cache memory –

This is another reason for the app is not working properly. You will need to go to the app settings and find the storage section where you will have a clear cache memory option. Just make it clear.