How to Fix Stuck Obtaining IP Address in WiFi on Android

We do have a lot of software companies that help us to acquire the best hotspot and the internet facility without any hurdles or problems within the Wifi connectivity for sure. Getting connected to the internet without any disturbance or the hurdle is absolutely what we all want for sure, and of course, we all hate when the internet connection is actually disturbed and especially when the time is very important for us.

However, internet connection could be having a lot of troubles when it wants to get connected to a certain device. Well, obtaining IP address Android WIFI problem is one of the issues where the internet can really cause issues for us.

Well, here we have mentioned almost all the popular and expert preferred solutions to fix the Wifi problems on the Connectify though.


Obtaining IP address Android WIFI problem

Of course, you have got these solutions and the perfect fix to help you with Android Wifi problem though and that you can fix the Connectify issues pretty easily.

  1. Router reboot

There can be issues with your router too and that might sometimes cause issues with the Wifi connection as well. However, rebooting the router is the popular method and the solutions that are even preferred by the experts to fix such connection issues. There can be other technical issues too that can cause trouble to your PC and of course your router too. You just have to switch off your router and then restart it again or you can also go ahead with forgot password option too.

  1. Static IP address

Well, this is another popular method and an option that would help you with the obtaining IP address android WIFI problem Connectify fix and thereby can provide a smooth connection without any hurdles. Using a static IP address is one of the best options that you can use it to fix the obtaining IP address issue without any second thought. You just have to search for the desired network and then modify it from DHCP to static. There it becomes the new IP for you. You can also try best free running games and remove tubemate extension

  1. Obsolete Files deletion

Before you even proceed with this method, you need to know that this particular method is only applied when the android device is rooted, and it is only used on rooted devices though. You just have to install the ES file explorer that is easily available on the search from your device. However, a few permissions will be asked and you have to grant them to make it apply on your solution though to fix the issue. You can simply go to the root explorer and there you can delete all the obsolete files or even the files that are present there.

  1. Reconnect

Reconnecting is another good option or the method that is used by many users all across the globe. You can simply go to forget the network and remove the network in which you are trying to connect it though, and there you just have to reconnect it with the network in which you want to connect the android device, however you can also try setting up WPA2-PSK on your modem or the router.


Obtaining IP address android WIFI problem Connectify fix could be a major issue for some beginners, however, if you have got these above-mentioned solutions and there you can simply fix these problems that are associated with the IP address and the connection issue though, and of course, these methods are very much easy too, and hence you can simply go ahead with it!

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