P2PCamLive PC Manual for Windows 10, 8, 7

The term P2PCamLive suggests that the app stands for the process of viewing the footage from peer to peer. This app will allow you to see what is being captured at the surveillance camera at your home, workplace or anywhere you may wish to keep an eye.

This app is being used with P2P IP camera.


  • You can connect your android mobile with the CCTV and it will let you watch the activities remotely.
  • It will make the access to real time video easy. You just have to connect the cameras with the mobile phone by the P2PCamLive app.
  • The visual clarity of this app is HD, so you will be able to see videos in MPEG4, MJEPG, H.264 formats etc.
  • There is recording feature in this app which will help you to see the recorded footage till a limited period of time.
  • The app also alerts you when something unusual takes place at the vigilance area.
  • The unique feature of this app is two-way talk. The regular CCTV cameras do not let you converse through them, but here with P2PCamLive app you can speak with the person who is on the other side of the camera. Talking back is a great feature for those who leave the pets or kids at home. After getting alert for some unusual incident you can talk to the care-giver or the kids regarding the incident.
  • You have to enter the ID and password of your camera, so it is rather personalized in operation.
  • This app can be used on android phones but you can also use this app on your PC with the help of android emulator.
  • The app offers cloud connection for which it is more secured and can use Wi-Fi cameras, NVRs, and security floodlight.

How to download P2Pcalive app on your computer

  • There are so many android emulators available on market. You can choose bluestack or any other of your choice. So begin with downloading the emulator for your PC.


  • Now you will open the app on your PC and will be referred to sign in Google play.
  • After the signing in, you will search for the P2PCamLive app in the search tab. When found you can click on install button.
  • If you want to download the app for your Mac device, then search for the link that offers the downloadable version for Mac. The rest procedure is simple and just the like the regular one.