Pandora Patched apk not working fix

Many music lovers who have not heard of Pandora patched apk. This is an easy way to search the world of music and find the right song or music piece for the right mood. The patched apk or Premium version of this apk will let you listen to the music of any countries. Your choicest music can be found in the list of the music available on Pandora.

If you have used this apk, then surely you would have faced quite a few common issues. There are multiple users of Pandora mod apk who have complained regarding various issues while running this apk.

Pandora app not working issue

The app Pandora lets you enjoy the personalized list of music and it will allow you to get a better taste in music soon. The patched version is a conglomeration of (GL)gamer765’s apk. Most of the previous functionality of the original app has been retained here.

How to fix Pandora patched apk not working?

Here are few of the fixes that you can apply to fix the issue.


On this patched version you can directly download the music from the advanced tab under settings, thus skipping the station folder step. There has been much news regarding the crash of this patched app, so here we want to help you with those issues. You can try to re-download the Pandora patched apk to see if the app starts running smoothly.


Retrieved offline files

If you do not find the offline content that you have downloaded previously, then after updating to the patched version, you must download them again. In some cases though, you have a chance to enjoy the retrieved offline files intact even in the updated version.

Pandora is “waiting for the connection”

One of the commonest issues with Pandora is “waiting for the connection”. It says that your WiFi is not working and thus you need to check the connection. If you are facing such problem, check the internet connection once, and if you find it working successfully, then clear the cache of your device. This you can do by simply going to the settings option or storage option. The devices have different locations for cache so keep checking for it or contact the mobile company regarding this.

Some users complain that this app runs smoothly on PC and Mac but starts to glitch when they are running it on their android devices. If you are a sufferer then try to reinstall the updated version of Pandora and also make sure that you are using the latest version of android device.

installation date and time of Pandora

If you find the downloaded music missing from the device all of a sudden, then try to check the installation date and time of Pandora. It may happen that the device is not having the updated calendar and it may contrast with Pandora. So when you will reset the time and date of  your device and restart Pandora, it will be working fine.