Remote play APK not working fix

The Remote play app is used to access the PS4 via Wi-Fi wherever you want or wherever you go just by few clicks. This app can also be used with other devices too that supports DUALSHOCK 4. This app cannot be used via mobile network and also it does not work properly on unverified devices and it may not be compatible with some games.

Remote play apk not working fix

With Remote play, you can enjoy all the favourite games of PlayStation 4. But as we know there comes some technical problems in every app so in remote play also such technical issues may occur and due to which you will not be able to enjoy your games on PS4.

Remote play apk not working fix

The following steps will help you overcome the problem faced while using Remote play app:-

  • The major issue for Remote play app not working is the internet connection, so kindly do check that before starting the app as it generally works on Wi-Fi and not on mobile data.
  • After checking your Wi-Fi connection, then move your PS4 closer to the access point of the router and do make sure that there is no obstruction in between.
  • There must be other devices connected and that use a large bandwidth, so you have to wait until these devices are idle so that you can use Remote play app.
  • Check all the ports are open or not and adjust the settings of your router or you can contact your ISP.
  • If the PS4 is connected with two or more routers for the internet then the communication may nay or may not work correctly.
  • Sometimes the anti-virus of the computer may be blocking the PS4 communication system with the computer due to this also the Remote play app does not work in some cases.
  • So in this case you have to try to disable the firewall settings on the anti-virus software or you can add Remote play app to the firewall program exceptions. This can be done by following the instruction given by the antivirus software.

There are many issues due to which your Remote play can stop working and the few steps that are mentioned above can help you get rid of these problems and you can again enjoy your favourite games with the help of your Remote play app.

The app helps you to play the games easily and it has a friendly user interface that helps you to enhance your playing experience. So for this app you need a very strong Wi-Fi connection as it does not work on mobile data, so that no interruption occurs while playing the game and you can enjoy the gaming experience. So with easy to follow steps get rid of the problems you are facing with the Remote play app.