Rosetta Stone For PC (Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac)

You may wish to learn different languages than those are taught in regular classes. To fulfil your wish the app Rosetta Stone has came to exist. With the help of this app and a bit of hard work you will be able to master different languages.


Rosetta Stone App

You can use this premium app on your PC or Mac and learn different languages. It teaches organically and you come to learn the language methodically.

You can take the app anywhere with you, by carrying your PC or other devices. This way the teaching will go on in a continuous process.


Rosetta Stone Cutting Edge Features

  • The high end technology of dynamic immersion helps you to speak the language and listen it from the native speakers of that language, which improves the process.
  • The dynamic immersion method helps you to remember some words and later form sentences with them.
  • TrueAccent technology is used in this app to speak the language confidently and get feedback for your pronunciation.
  • There are 10 minute class, so you can definitely make this much time within a busy day schedule.
  • The Phrasebook feature helps you to say the right sentence or words. Different phrases for greetings, expression of emotions, particular phrases will be provided by this app by which you will know how to speak at the exact moment.
  • Before buying this app, you can experience the trial version for 7 days to see how it works for you.


How to download The Rosetta Stone App on PC?

This application is available for all PC users (Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac).



  • Click on the download link (Get it from confirmation email)
  • click on download for PC.
  • Install exe file, and the files will be extracted.
  • Installation will now start.
  • Open the app and then you will need to type the activation code to activate.
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