Spaceflight Simulator (MOD) Download Latest APK

 If you are crazy about rockets and space, you will find Spaceflight Simulator interesting. Developed by Stefo Mai Morojna, this game has crossed 10 million downloads from Google play store. If you are fanatic about space, let’s probe into the features.


    • Building a rocket takes lots of time, energy, money and technology. The game Spaceflight Simulator offers us a solution to fulfil our dream and fly the rocket to know the truth about the space.
    • Build your own rocket with parts like engine, hull, fuel tank, RCS Thrusters, Titan Engine, and Command Module etc. Also fix your destination as according to that you will make the rocket light or heavy.
    • You need to fly it now, so find the right parts from Spaceflight Simulator to ensure that the rocket reaches its destination safely.
    • In Spaceflight Simulator where you will choose your own devices and use them with acute and realistic understanding.
    • You can visit the 8 planets excluding Earth and Mars, as these two are known to us. For that you should have keen knowledge of the atmosphere of those planets.
    • The realistic graphics and in-depth knowledge of physics is a must when you seek to play Spaceflight Simulator.

    Download Spaceflight Simulator (MOD) Latest APK

    First of you have to Enable installation of APK files by enabling “Unknown sources”. Use the following to enable the option and it may depend and vary based on your device:

    • “Settings” > “Security” > “Unknown sources“.
    • Download the APK file from the link provided to the device, or copy it via a USB connection from your PC to smartphone.
    • Swipe down the notification and then tap the file that you downloaded.
    • Also you can go to “Settings” > “Storage” > “Explore“ using file explorer.
    • Navigate to the file and open it.
    • You will be prompted to proceed with the installation.
    • Click OK
    • This will install the app.