Tea TV apk not working How to Fix

Teatv is free android app is popular among the whole world because of its provision of streaming TV shows, movies and other programmes. This is not actually a very perfect app and the users may face various issues.

It takes updates regularly but sometimes the updates do not offer the same kind of movies and shows as it was offering earlier. There are more to such problems and we will be discussing them here, along with the probable solutions.

What is Tea TV

TeaTV is a famous android app for streaming TV shows and movies from all over the world. The best app for your entertainment purpose and due to its high-quality downloads you can download your favourite TV shows and movies and watch it later offline. You can get all sorts of famous shows and movies available on TeaTV and enjoy it for free and no charges are taken by this app. Also you can find the latest movies and shows available for free on TeaTV. You can also find links for many shows and movies which will directly take you to the source.


How to Fix Tea TV apk not working

But sometimes errors like app not working or links are not available occurs and you get frustrated and have no clue what to do. But no need to worry as we will discuss about the solutions about these issues. You have to just follow easy steps as given below:-

The basic issue that one can face while not being able to watch tea tv apk is not installing the apk properly on the device. This is a legal apk and it does not host any movies or programmes. This application is best compatible with android devices like Amazon Fire stick, Samsung phone and tablet, LG, Soni, Huawei and more.  If you find the message that “App not installed”,then try the below steps.

  • If TeaTV is not working then there will be chances that you are using older version of the app so you can delete the existing version and download the latest one.
  • Sometimes there are issues with the connections so you can check your internet connection whether you are connected with it or not.
  • Even you can try to clear the cache of TeaTV and then restart the app it works in some cases.
  • You can also try using VPN service as it helps you to connect to the streaming services from various different countries from all around the globe.

Sometimes you face a problem that TeaTV has no links available for the users, therefore for this problem you can follow the steps given below:-

  • Firstly you have to exit the app and then try to re-open it to get the link again.
  • You can restart and clear all the caches of the app.
  • The another way to fix this problem is to get the VPN service as sometime due to blocking of some links in various countries these links may not be available so because of VPN these links will be available to you in any part of the world.Check the version of android, if it is 4.4+, Windows 7. If you are using Smart tv then use make sure it uses android operating system.
  • Then make sure that the version of Tea tv is the latest one by going to the official website of the Tea tv.
  • Restart your system once and clear cache. Then try to re-open or re-install the app.
  • If after doing everything, it does not work, then you can contact the support team of Tea tv.
  • If the update is not installed properly on Firestick or Fire TV then you will not be able to see the apk working properly. Sometimes the updating new version gets crashed when getting installed. Again you can try to install it from the link of the official site page. The official link will surely provide you with updated Firelinked and FireDL code, and when you will enter the code the apk will be downloaded and installed.
  • If you do not find any link on your device inside Tea tv then you will not be able to see any movie or programme. Then you can exit the app and reopen it to get the links. Restarting system and clearing the cache may do the trick for you as well. Also using VPN is a must while using this apk to keep your device safe.
  • Not being able to download movies on Tea tv is another common problem. You should use Advanced Download Manager or ADM from Google play and then try again to download the movie from Tea tv. Next time when you will be downloading movies from Tea tv, select the option Download with ADM.
  • If your device does not cast properly, then you should check your wifi connection, and router. Try to reboot the wifi router and unplug and plug the power source. Then check the chromecast device and other devices and make sure they are connected with the same network. Though sometime some links do not support casting.
  • If you have lost the watch-list after updating the apk, then next time you can tick the backup option in the settings to avoid this to happen. Also using a Trakt account integration can help you to save the watchlist even after updating.
  • Subtitle related issue can occur to anyone. If you find the subtitle size to be too small then you can change the size from the settings of Tea tv. If you find the timing of subtitle is not matched with the movie then you can adjust the timer of the play screen or you can find some other subtitle. If downloading the subtitle fail then you can try another subtitle.
  • Buffering is another issue with Tea tv. This can be caused by network between the device and the streaming server. The problem can be sorted if you re-open the app or use VPN so your IP address gets masked, then you will be able to get faster speed.

These above mentioned steps are easy to follow and you easily fix your problem and watch your favourite show or movies on TeaTV.

These problems are very common and they can occur again and again, you have to just follow these simple steps and you can fix these problems and enjoy your TeaTV. You can get access to all the shows from all around the world and can enjoy the app in any part of the world and you can also download high quality video on this to watch it later offline.