Teleprompter Pro for Windows 7/8/10 & Mac PC

You can download Teleprompter Pro on Windows PC and Mac and it will help you to produce the scrolling text like any professional TV companies and movie name cards.

Teleprompter Pro for Windows


  • You can configure the scroll speed, text size or colors of the prompting messages.
  • You can save the scripts from the regular text files and learn the song lyrics by Teleprompter Pro.
  • The mirroring option of the scrolling text helps you to mirror and convert the text as per your convenience.
  • For different project purpose you can select and embed the same text into different speed and text size.
  • The app supports webcam and wireless presenter controller.

How to download & Installer Teleprompter Pro for Windows 7/8/10 & Mac PC

Teleprompter Pro will provide standard teleprompting as it has the inbuilt functionality which will record the performance.The Teleprompter Pro app is available on Windows store.

The dual screen enables you to see the two different screens on the same tab.

Teleprompter Pro for Windows

Also voice recognition control is another great feature of Teleprompter Pro. You can put many voice samples and the app will identify them distinguishingly.

The original machine for tele-prompting is quite costly but the app comes much cheaper than that with the same kind of output.