Top 5 IMO App Alternatives for Free Chatting & Video Calling

On the world messaging IMO is the leading video calling and messaging applications that let you stay connected with your friends all around the globe. IMO is compatible with every mobile phone which is the best thing about it.

Users don’t pay for SMS plus calls and deliver unlimited SMS messages, calls voice/videos free of charge. So here are some of the alternatives of IMO have a look at it.

Alternatives to IMO

5 best alternatives to IMO as of 2020

IMO is currently one of the world’s one of the best video calling and messaging app that connect thousands of people worldwide but there are number of other apps we are discussing here.


Another one in the list is Viber that is similar to the WhatApp and uses mobile phone contact numbers to recognize people. It is a messaging service that allows users to phone calls and sends text messages to all other Viber users without any cost. It has VoIP app is built that is compatible for running on various mobile operating systems and free instant messaging.

Besides limitless calls and chats, Viber allows users to share pictures, videos, audios as well. Viber will be useful for businesses and individuals that require a functional messaging system without the burdening cost. Moreover, Viber offers charged international calls to unregistered landline and mobile numbers for insanely low rates.

Google Hangouts

Hangout by Google is the most recent addition to the texting world. It is a cross-platform text messaging that brings everyone on Google account which is the standard application in Android that includes SMS as well and can be connected to Android Smartphone, iOS device.

Hike Messenger

A hike is a multi-platform instant communication application that connects and interacts with each other on the messaging platforms. It is much more than the messaging application as it contains a library of almost 20,000 stickers in 40+ local languages and reflects both national, regional festivals like Holi, Diwali.

The hike has the Blue Packets that users can insert money and send it to their friends with the surprising personal messages and filters on them which is more fun and exciting. Moreover, Hike has a built-in Hidden Mode which lets users hide their chats instantly and smoothly. You can also try Prisma apk and Pokemesh.


WeChat is most common in China rather than WhatsApp and other apps. WeChat offers its users to send money in the virtual credits, so there are two types of envelopes, regular and group whereas regular red pack is sent to individuals and the group envelope will post on the group chat.

Similar to the Facebook News Feeds, WeChat has the WeChat Moments where everyone can share what’s going on in their days and users have more control over who can view their feeds. Moreover, WeChat offers five options for payment Quick pay, QR Code Payment, In-App Web-based Payment, In-App payment, and PC/mobile web browser page.

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Facebook Messenger

One of the world largest instant chat platforms is Facebook Messenger app provides platform iOS and Android. Like the other messenger apps, it will also link the friends you wish to get in touch, send files similar to sending one via email. Facebook allows sharing cool 360 Degree Photos among your friends as a messenger has tons of photo filters, so that can be star wars, or a wizard, a devil, and much more. Besides that users can make fun by adding color to the conversations, play games and send money as well.


WhatsApp is a messaging app that is available for iOS, Android, and other mobile phones. One can use WhatsApp to send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, and Voice Messages. Users will not restrict from having one-on-one conversations as WhatsApp allows voice calls and video calls completely free.

Now users can avoid embarrassing situations by deleting messages in any chat and lets you share your live location with someone else. So this is the list of the alternative of IMO app I hope you like it.