Top Trending Android Games 2019 on Vidmate

Well, we have got plenty of apps online to simply download and enjoy the internet and the games though, however, not every app on the internet is viral or famous though. We have got one of the trending apps and the games that are popular on this particular app are on the top list too. Of course, yes we are talking about Vidmate, which is actually pretty popular when it is about watching videos and playing games though, just with the stable internet though. Vidmate simply has got plenty of games and videos that you must not miss watching at any cost, yes, it has got some entertaining games to play though.

Now it is even simpler to watch movies with this app, just with a stable internet connection though. However, here we have mentioned all the top games that you must not miss to play to pass some great time though.

Games on Vidmate


Trending Android Games on Vidmate

You can simply play these games on Vidmate online, as it has got a lot of them to have you engaged and keep you entertained for sure. You can simply check out some of the trending ones on Vidmate app.

  1. Drive Tractor Trolley

This is one such game on Vidmate app that actually keeps us entertained for long hours. You can simply take control of a truck or the trolley within the game that keeps going until you are out of fuel or gas. You have to keep collecting the points, bonuses, simultaneously crossing all the hurdles and objections on the way though.

  1. Sniper 3D

Shooting games have always been great entertainment to all of the online players and the game lovers without an objection for sure. However, this game belongs to one such fun that you should miss though. Don’t have to explain this game in detail, as most of us actually like playing shooting games and gun shoots online, and of course, the game can be played in the 3D mode which will spice up the gaming act to a great extent and it will surely be fun for sure. You can also try chrome dark theme android and best youtube ad blockers

  1. Pixel Zombies

Of course, who does not love some thrill and adventure when playing games online? We all do, and here is one such online popular game that will add more fun and adventure to your gaming schedules, with zombies. You can not only watch zombies over the TV, but you can also kill them right away on your device screen.

  1. Super Strike of Rage

This is entirely a different game that you must mandatorily play and you will be able to gain knowledge over financing and brokering for sure. This game is all about trading, finances, brokerage, savings and earning money out of it, which would be totally great if you have interest in the finance sector or if you want to know about the finance field in-depth though.

  1. Frontline Defense

The name of the game itself speaks a lot about this particular game though. However, this game is about plans and strategies that you must not miss at any cost for sure. You just have to plan out a defence strategy and be prepared with the defence units too that will keep you safe and protected against your enemies though.


Well, you can simply go ahead with these above-mentioned games that can be played over Vidmate app, pretty easily. It would be just fun to try out these trending games online. However, you can also look for other games on the app. Just give it a go!


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