Typorama for PC, Windows & Mac – Free Download


What is Typorama?

This is one of the amazing apps that you can use to create great typographic designs. Currently, this app is only available for the ios devices. But, since users want to use it on their pc as well therefore we have listed the important details for downloading the app on the windows, and pc.

There are no templates relayed to the text designs, but they will be created automatically as soon as you select different designs. To create beautiful designs and fonts you need to create a great background first. You will take a lot of time if you are using the adobe photo shop or another editor.

How can you effectively use Typorama?

The app can be used in a number of ways. Below are mentioned some of the important ways that you can use to use Typorama according to your advantage.

  • By using this you can create different typographic layouts.
  • By using this you can create beautiful posts for the social media. Unique designs can be created and posted on the social media.
  • By using this app you can even create beautiful banners, posts and flyers for organizations.
  • You can even add colour to the family photos by adding texts to it.
  • If you do blogging, then you can use this to create designs for your header.

Since, this app is only available for iPhone and iPad therefore to download it for pc and windows; we have listed the steps below.

Downloading Typorama for PC ( Windows and Mac)

As mentioned earlier the apk is only for the iPhone and iPad and therefore to download it on other devices like windows pc you need to follow the following steps:

  • The first step for it will include going to the official website of Bluestacks and downloading the emulator for PC. Next you need to click on the download option and click on the download option.
  • After the bluestacks is downloaded you need to go to the home screen an find it.
  • In the bluestacks you need to search for the Typorama.
  • Click o the shortcut that Appears. When the app is downloaded you can officially run it on your computer.
  • There are other emulators too, which you can use to download it.



This is one of the best typography applications that you can use nowadays. It has the best features and therefore rated by millions of users. It has the best graphic texts and is the best app for you.