How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos Not Available in your Country

Persons would be staying in countries like US, UK or India but they will not be able to watch some videos on YouTube because the content owner who has allowed the access to watch these videos only from some of the certain countries or some geographic regions.

This can be solved by using online proxy service or by using virtual private network method.  By this method, you can solve this by hiding your computers or smartphones IP address.

blocked youtube videos

Method 1: Watch Blocked YouTube Videos By using Proxfree

  • Open the Proxfree YouTube site and especially this site is dedicated to unblocking YouTube content and also including region locked videos.
  • Scroll down the server location section which is at the bottom of the page.
  • And then click that server location drop-down box and here the drop-down menu will appear.
  • And then you have to select the country. Click any one of the countries which is list down in the drop-down box and make sure that you have selected a country that differs from your own. For example, if this video is blocked in the United States of America please try to select a European country.
  • And then go to YouTube in prox free and type the address which shown in the address bar and just above the server location section click Prox free.
  • Here you can search for your blocked video in the search bar or you can type the name of the video and start to search.
  • Then select that blocked video and click the title which you want to watch it and this should open and begin to play in Prox free window.

Method 2: View Blocked YouTube Videos Not Available By using VPN

In this method by using the Virtual Private Network which can followed, here which allows you to hide all your computer IP addresses which is shown behind a different IP addresses and this can also allow you to see and unblocked videos which is restricted in your computer or system. You can even use free opera vpn as well. You can check few of these VPNs as well.

  1. Cyber Ghost VPN
  2. VPN Magic App
  3. VPNhub App
  • Install a VPN if it is necessary. The VPN installed on your computer or a mobile phone which should be purchased and installed.
  • Turn on your VPN in your desktop or in the mobile application. Open the program app and toggle the VPN and this will activate the VPN of your current internet connection.
  • Next step as you have to select a country or a region if it is possible this will allow you to customize the region which you have connected and you have to select your country which you are currently located and ensure that you get an IP address which is not from your blocked country.
  • Then open YouTube in your web browser and then tap your YouTube icon search for your video which you have been waiting for to watch. Try to change the country and then refresh the page.

Thus these are the two methods which will be helpful to watch those unwanted videos.