Download Whitehat JR app for Windows(7/8/10/xp) PC

I come to WhiteHat Jr many times as I see ads of it when I scrolling my Facebook profile. So, as I got know WhiteHat Jr is an online programming coding class for juniors means for the kids of class 1-12. 

Whitehat JR app

What is Whitehat JR app?

The moto behind WhiteHat jr is to develop a tech curriculum for kids so that they can identify and improve there creative thinking ability toward making tech ideas, programs, or Apps. 

Whitehat JR app for pc

Basically this is an online class for learning coding which is divided into different sections of students according to their standard of class. Through WhiteHat Jr is students can make their personal website, can take part in coding challenges of silicon valley, learn advanced programming, earn game and app developer certificate. 

WhiteHat Jr tries to identify and teach Logic, structure, creative thinking, sequencing, and algorithmic thinking in a creative way.

Whitehat JR

WhiteHat Jr is an online learning platform founded by Karan Bajaj in 2018. This Edtech and M-learning platform works under BYJU’S.

Features Of WhiteHat Jr App – 

WhiteHat Jr has a very interactive mobile app for Android and iOS users, anyone can download the app and start learning with their smartphones. 

  • WhiteHat Jr conducts 1:1 Live coding classes where experts interact with the students in an effective way to make the learning experience dynamic and easy. The experts are hired through 5 steps teacher selection process.
  • Kids and junior college students learn logic, structure, and sequence coding in a good implement and essential way. They can create websites, apps, and games. Throughout the class, students can improve their data analytics by using the programming language.
  • Initially, you can schedule a free trial class and your kid can make a personal website throughout this free session.

Install Whitehat JR app for Windows(7/8/10/xp) PC

Learning would be better if we use a laptop or pc. Although the WhiteHat Jr app is for Android and iOS users,  in the same time you also can use the mobile app on your pc too.

  • To use the WhiteHat Jr app on pc you will need an Android emulator on your pc. Bluestacks is the option to go with. 
  • After downloading the emulator you will need to login it with your Google account and then you can access the google play store on your pc like android phone.
  • Now you can search for the WhiteHat Jr app to download on your pc.