Download YouTube Red Apk 15.40.60 [Premium,No-Ads]

Ok, so YouTube is the most popular app that we all know about. There are so many apps that are available online which supports in watching movies, dramas and shows online. We come across various apps online to stream on, but some of the apps don’t need any kind of recommendation or suggestion.

Watching movies online have become the trend now. YouTube is one of the popular apps that are still on rank #1 when it comes to streaming online. When we say movies, the name YouTube flashes our mind. YouTube has got the free version, but it has also got a premium version that is actually paid. YouTube has become extensively popular among the youth generation around the globe.

YouTube Red

The company has grown so popular and has diversified itself into various other online streaming channels such as YouTube kids, YouTube TV, YouTube Go, and now it’s YouTube Red.

What is YouTube Red Apk?

YouTube Red is nothing but the premium also known as the paid version of YouTube that will let you stream online in return of some fees and subscription amount. Of course, the basic YouTube app has various features, yet, YouTube Red has advanced features than that of YouTube app. It doesn’t cost too much, just like the other online streaming apps, it costs around $12 a month.

You Tube is one of the best sources which you can use to find any sort of video. But in some cases it tends to create problems for the users. There is an alternative for this problem also. The YouTube Red apk can be easily used on the android tablets and mobile phones.

This is an unofficial apk which helps you get tons of features and privileges. You will get to see all these features.

There are a lot of options that you get through this app and helps you get rid of a number of errors. Ads are very irritating and disturb you while you are watching anything. These can be easily removed from this mod apk and you won’t find them anymore.

Some people wish to play videos in the background and this feature is also available through this mod apk. Also, with this apk the video quality is customized. If you are having a data package then you can easily download and watch content. Also HD quality is supported by it and you can easily play it with the app.

YouTube Red Apk Download

Here you can get YouTube Red Apk 15.40.60 with Premium, no ads app.

You will get the apk download link from the internet. Ensure that you are downloading it from the most top rated and trusted website.

  • Just install the apk. Once it is done with the apk installation, it will prompt to finish the installation process on your smartphone.
  • Once you have finished with the complete process, you can open and enjoy watching your favourite videos.
  • When it comes to the iOS device, you can follow the same process to get YouTube Red on your smartphone.
  • You can also play the app on PC, using emulators. Or else if you already have the YouTube app, just upgrade it to the premium version with the already available option in the basic version.

Features of YouTube Red

  • First of all, it requires an absolutely non-rooted smartphone. Some online streaming applications demand a rooted phone to get installed within.
  • You can simply watch the YouTube original shows and movies that are completely not available on the basic YouTube version that you already have it in your phone.
  • No Ads. This is another important reason you should subscribe to YouTube premium or YouTube red. Hence, with YouTube Red, there would be no one to disturb you when you are online and watching your favourite show or an interesting YouTube originals movie scene.
  • It has YouTube Music Premium and music It has the latest and the trendiest music from all the top stars and musicians.
  • With the YouTube basic version, you cannot minimize the app and switch to another app while playing the movies online. But with YouTube Red, you can simply jump to other apps, with your movies or music playing in the background.
  • This version of the app is unofficial but to use it you don’t need to uninstall the original version. You can keep both the apks on their devices.
  • But to use it the users need to first download it on their devices. Rooting is not a necessary requirement for the apk. The mod apk is completely free and does not need any subscriptions to remove the ads.
  • It helps to give you customised settings that suit your needs and requirements. Also the video quality can be customised using it. The user interface is also very good.


YouTube Red is another online streaming app that actually helps us to enjoy all our favourite movies without any hassle.

The app is not available on the Google play store as it is a third party apk. But the users can easily download the apk through the internet on their android phones.

Make sure that you have downloaded the legit apk of the app. If you have any queries regarding this article then please feel free to ask in the comment section below. And if you like this article then please share. Thank you!