Zoom app not working on mac [fix]

Zoom App is a trend these days among online meetings or conferencing apps. This year as work from home working culture has spread due to Covid-19 so the users of the Zoom app are also increased. 

We can use the Zoom app on android, ios, windows, and Mac. 

Many users sometimes face problems while using a zoom app on Mac. They try much to solve the errors but every time they have faced trouble while conferencing with friends and colleagues.

Zoom app

Zoom Not Working On Mac? Here’s The Real Fix!

We have investigated the problem with the zoom app on Mac devices and come with some solutions. Let see how we can fix this problems. 

1 – Download Client for Meetings – 

When we use a zoom meeting app on Mac we were using browsers like chrome, firefox, or any other. It suggested that instead of using any browser everyone you better have to download the zoom client for meetings.


Follow below steps to download Zoom Client For Meetings – 

  • You can download zoom clients for meetings by visiting the zoom download center. 
  • Now find and open the Finder option and then click on Downloads.
  • Under downloads find a file name zoom.pkg and double click on it to install.
  • Now you will find zoom client name as zoom.us
  • Now click on zoom.us and then click on Join a meeting 
  • Now you would have zoom client for meetings and can join meetings by your meaning Id every time.

2 – Permissions Settings – 

For the next solution, you will need to check with the permissions granted for the zoom app on your Mac PC. 

These permissions are essential for the smooth performance of the app. 

Follow the below steps to check the permissions – 

  • Go to the settings on your Mac device
  • Now click on the apply, icon left upper side 
  • Now click on System Preferences
  • Now click on Security & Privacy
  • Now give following permissions to Zoom.us – 
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Accessibility
  • Files and Folders to record and share recordings
  • Screen Recording.

3 – Close Other Using App – 

If you use other meeting apps like Skype or Facetime then you should close all these apps using your camera and microphone. 

Also, close other apps that were using a lot of the CPU power. You can check with Activity Monitor that which of your app is using more CPU power. You can search and open the Monitor Activity on your PC.

4 – Disable Firewall Security – 

Sometimes firewall restricts the zoom app to run smoothly. You can disable it while using the app. You will need to settings and visit Security & Privacy. Here you will find the Firewall option to disable it.

5 – Check your Internet and Wifi Connectivity.

If any wifi on the internet problem there, you would need to solve it.

If you still face issues you can always check the alternative such as google meet app.